By the Sword

I saw this picture on a writers page on Facebook, and thought I would write a short piece based on the image.  I hope you like it.


They backed into the middle of the square as Emile and his men approached them from both sides.

“If only you had listened to me,” said Barrin.

“I know I went left instead of right. But you enjoy this don’t you?” said Leona.

“I do,” Barrin said with a wry smile. “But I just hope, Bruno gets to us before these finish us both.”

“He will, he always does, do you have it,” said Leona.

Eight in total cornered them, Emile who had a cut above his eye looked at his men, he pointed his sword towards, Armel who moved forward. Barrin reached underneath his cloak and pulled out a small musket, he aimed it at the approaching brute, he was built like a bear and hairy like one too. This made him stop dead in his tracks, Barrin winked at him before he aimed it to the sky and fired. As the bang echoed, a red cloud of smoke filled the sky above them, the gentle breeze carried it higher. The rest of the men moved around them, each one drawing their swords. Leona held her sword firm and with her free hand, she unclipped a small parrying dagger with a serrated edge.

“Are you ready?” said Barrin.

“By the sword!” said Leona.

“By the sword, indeed!” said Barrin.

Barrin lunged towards Armel, who was in full swing, their swords clashed and the sound rang around the square. His cloak glided through the air as he spun round to attack Armel. They blocked each other’s attacks but kept going, neither one giving up ground. Leona blocked the oncoming attack of a dark-skinned man, she had seen him around but never seen his sword skills. But she loved a challenge the harder the opponent, the more she flourished in the fight. She trapped his next attack with her dagger and swung her sword and caught the cheek of the man. He wiped the blood away and attacked with venom.

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