With Arms Wide Open

The picture below was posted on a group called Writers Unite. The member who posted it stated write a short story no more than 500 words. So I took the challenge and I wrote the story below. Hope people like and all feedback welcome. As he fell into her arms, she could hear his punctured […]

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This was sent to a competition.   I curl next to her and stroke her face like I used to. She shivers and sinks deeper into the duvet. At the same time every night she opens her eyes and looks to her right, but I’m not there. Her eyes well up, as I whisper.  “Same time […]

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A Letter from Laura

A few years ago I decided to write a contemporary fiction piece based on a short scene I had in my head.  It was a husband receiving a letter from his dead wife.     Michael sat at the kitchen table, his palms drenched in sweat. He just wanted to get up and pace but […]

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Final Battle

I saw this picture in a writers group on Facebook and thought I would write a short story based on the image.  I hope you like it. Chalu stood in front of the large blank screen his long flowing cloak covered his frail frame. He moved slowly towards the keypad and pressed a symbol. “Come […]

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I saw this picture in a writers group on Facebook  and thought I would write a short piece based on the image. I hope you like it.           The three of them stood there under the moonlit sky, frozen with curiosity and a handful of fear. They looked at each other […]

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