I saw this picture in a writers group on Facebook  and thought I would write a short piece based on the image. I hope you like it.







The three of them stood there under the moonlit sky, frozen with curiosity and a handful of fear. They looked at each other before they stared intently at the old weather-worn book, that was placed on the fallen tree.

“You did say it right didn’t you, Alex? I don’t want to be chased by some crazed demonic badger or some shit like that.”

“Yeah, yeah, I said it right, I am the one studying Norse mythology aren’t I.”

“Shush you two, I can hear something.”

As they held their breaths, they heard the sound of something crush the underbrush of the forest. They squinted as a small mist travelled from the tree line. It engulfed the ground before them, but it only came to waist height.

“What are you doing Mitch?”

Blake watched as Mitch reached for the mist, it was thick but his hand moved through it like a tree falling down. He grabbed his shoulder and pulled Mitch back.

“What’s your problem man? I was just curious.”

“Something might have grabbed you.”

“Behave will you. That’s crazy talk.”

From the mist footsteps became louder, then out of the shadows strolled a brown buck with large antlers, it made its way into the clearing.

“It worked, it worked, amazing.”

“Calm down man, you will startle it.”

It moved a few more steps and tipped its head, Alex bowed slowly, Mitch followed then closely by Blake. The Buck then rose up on its hind legs and when it landed, it began to change colour. The dark brown turned to a light auburn, then flames started down its left-hand side. But the grass didn’t burn it was unscathed, as the Buck raised its head and lowered it, what remained was another deer’s head but this one was covered in flames. Then the deer split in two, one covered in flames, the other the brown Buck, it didn’t seem to pain the animal.

“What the hell, it is turning white now?”

“Shush, Mitch.”

Alex watched a second deer split from the Buck, but this one was covered with Ice and glistened in the moonlight. The Buck that remained began to blend in with the grass and surrounding shrubs. In front of them stood three bucks now, the incantation had worked, Alex looked at Mitch with a smirk. Blake took a step back, his fear had grown more than his curiosity. The Bucks begin to walk then trot towards them all, as they jump the large fallen tree they turn into small clouds, one of ice and one of flame fly into Mitch and Alex. Blake watched as they hit the floor and passed out. When he turned back towards the Buck that remained, it looked at him then turned into green smoke and hit Blakes chest. The fear left as a voice spoke.

“You are one with me now. We have work to do now, Blake.”

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