Final Battle

I saw this picture in a writers group on Facebook and thought I would write a short story based on the image.  I hope you like it.


Chalu stood in front of the large blank screen his long flowing cloak covered his frail frame. He moved slowly towards the keypad and pressed a symbol.

“Come here, PD1.”

“Yes, father.” Said the droid calmly.

“We have one more to do. Then we sleep.”

“Is it that time already.”

“You have learnt the art of humouring my child.”

“I have been studying father.”

“I am very proud of you.”

They both watched the screen fill up with bright colours. Chalu placed his hand on another symbol, he took a deep breath but found it hard. As the screen began to move, he watched PD1 focus on the image like that of an infant, one eager to listen and learn.

“Now my, child this was the final battle that we have been building up to over the last 300 cycles.”

“Is this the day we won.”

“That we did, but it did come at a great cost.” he coughed.

“Sit father, rest, we can do this another time.”

He coughed again into his hand, as he looked down, Chalu could see the blue blood on the rag. He was the last of his generation, this was what he was born to do, prepare his race for their rebirth in the new system, one that matched the one that they had to leave behind.


“Yes, my child.”

“Listening to you talk through the history of our race. I am left wondering if we did all that we could to stay and rebuild our homeworld.”

“My child, after the battle we came to realise that they had released something into our water supply.”

“They took the one thing, that we need, to live.”

“They did, I watched our world die over the 10 cycles that followed.”

Chalu stumbled and PD1 caught him and guided him to the bench. He coughed again but the inhale set his lungs on fire. PD1 grabbed his hand gently.

“I can help with the pain, Father.”

“No, no, I want to feel the eternal sleep, like all the others that have had to endure before me.”

“I know you do father, but I watched you suffer for the last 20 cycles.”

“I know you mean good, my child. But I need to do this.” he coughed.

Chalu coughed and blood fell to the floor. PD1 helped him to stand and walked him back to his quarters. They stepped through the door.

“I have said all I need to say, that was the final battle before we travelled into the open space of the galaxy.”

“I will tell them when they wake, of their history, I will tell them about you. You will live on.”

“Thank you, my child.” he coughed.

PD1 sat there, with Chalu’s hand gently held in his,  his scan showed that he did not have long left.

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