With Arms Wide Open

The picture below was posted on a group called Writers Unite. The member who posted it stated write a short story no more than 500 words. So I took the challenge and I wrote the story below. Hope people like and all feedback welcome.


As he fell into her arms, she could hear his punctured lungs slowly giving up the fight. Every inhale caused him to wince, but he did not scream in pain. She fell to the ground holding him, as they knelt there she bit her wrist and spat her broken flesh onto the ground. With one hand she held him and with the other she let the blood fall into his open wounds. As their blood mixed and fought for dominance, she felt his heart rate slow down, this wouldn’t take long. He took his last breath as she placed him down on the ground face first. She stepped back and gave him some space, then the shimmer came over him as his soul parted his body. The look he gave was a mixture of shock and disbelief, one she had become all too familiar with, but over the years had stopped counting. He looked down at his prone body and back at her, she gave him the nod, the signal to the recently deceased warrior that he was passing over. With arms wide open she waited till he embraced her and then he faded away. As more bodies fell she made her way searching for the next soul to take.

10 thoughts on “With Arms Wide Open

  1. This is not usually my kind of reading Arron but the imagery you conjured up with only the 500 words has certainly met the challenge. I would go further and call it a “minnie Macbeth”.
    Can you do something a bit more light hearted next time please ?šŸ˜ŠšŸ˜Š x


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