The Coffee Wars : Return of the Java

Here is the third part of  ‘The Coffee Wars’.  A trilogy of short stories all set around an independent coffee shop.  Each story is filled with numerous references from one of the two things that opened my mind to the world of creativity.     Lucas held Jade in his arms, he moved her hair […]

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I wrote this back in 2013 for a competition. It was tell a 50 word flash fiction story.  I ended up entering using another story.  But thought I would share this to see what people think.     Water ran underneath the door, as he pushed it open. He stepped onto the bathmat, but it […]

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X marks the spot

      An early morning sun beamed through the small window. Which blinded the young Nicholas and Noel as they climbed clumsily into the attic. But the noise did not break the Sandman’s spell over the rest of the house. They navigated the minefield of loose floorboards, through the items long forgotten by the […]

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