This is a poem I wrote a couple of weeks ago.

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Life, what does it mean? What is it about?
Is it dwelling on or the fondness of past events?
the single parent upbringing
the one-way street of love
the endless conversation
the beginning of the long-lasting dreams

or is it the events of the unknown
the sea of countless possibilities
and unmade decisions
endless conversations
unbroken drive to fulfil long-lasting dreams

or is it the now?
the sight of a flock of birds as they migrate
the beauty as a bee pollinates
enjoy the ongoing conversations
the fire burns as the fingers hit the keys

‘Live for the moment they say’
but is it that, is that the meaning of life?
or is it a thousand, a million or more
moments can be positive or negative
but even in the dark you can find light
everything is a matter of perspective, she says
now that is what I say about art
is that what life is? Or is it more than that?

Across the timeline of life
we can count the happy times like the heads on a coin flip
but the bad, is a lesson that we can’t skip
time is what we all have in common
some have less, some have more than others
so, what is life about and what does it mean?
Life is time and it is down to us how we choose to define our time

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