The Fallen I wade through the water Guiding the pyre to the current The water now matched the winter season If I slip or lose the line A warrior’s funeral I shall not get   I feel the current And the line tightens The rocks underfoot were unstable Make it hard for me to stand […]

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The world I have roamed Throughout the ages Crossing swords with others like me I have seen the horrors and wonders Cities rise and good men fall Stone and straw replaced with metal and glass Events that have changed the world under my feet   But through all of this I have hidden in plain […]

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Thank You

This is a poem I wrote last week. We give thanks To the ones that have stepped up When difficult times have come our way Truck drivers make their deliveries Going up and down the country daily As supermarket staff keep shelves stocked We can make sure our cupboards are full Teachers tutor students In […]

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