The world I have roamed
Throughout the ages
Crossing swords with others like me
I have seen the horrors and wonders
Cities rise and good men fall
Stone and straw replaced with metal and glass
Events that have changed the world under my feet
But through all of this
I have hidden in plain sight
Waiting for the gathering
I have records of all the names I have used
But my birth name has been lost in time
Though it shall not be forgotten
Because I still remember 
The first time I died
As the decades pass, I have helped many
You won’t find me in any history books or scrolls.
But I am there moving silently waiting.
The gathering will happen, only one can remain
And with it comes the spoils
The prize can be anything the one desires
From all the death I have outlived
I want to be mortal
But for that to happen I must face an old foe
One that set me on the path I am on
I can no longer run
For there can be only one  

This is a poem about one of my favourite films, it is The Highlander. 

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