A Shackled Daydream

This poem came to life after a friend John Bentley of Bentley Portraits ( who is a Photographer) asked me to write a poem or a paragraph about the below image. So with the task at hand I made the decision to write a free verse poem. I met John through his charity Project 22.

 Suitcases stacked
 Hopes packed inside
 Holding on to thoughts of faraway lands 
 Labels wrapped tightly around handles
 Showcase our journeys so far  
 Calendars still on countdown  
 and for the moment 
 We are all sat stationary 
 Waiting, wanting to move 
 shackled by some unseen chains 
 Sunsets by the coast 
 Lay sunbathing at poolside 
 Seeing the sights by day 
 Partying through until daybreak
 Thoughts of all the duty-free 
 These times will come 
 When we are all free 
 When metal birds will fly 
 Stories will be told 
 Of those dream destinations  

I really enjoyed creating this poem.

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